With SWAN Filters products, healthy and good water is always at hand!

The use of Swan water filters is not water under the bridge!

The products of the SWAN line are born with the aim of making your mains water safe, allowing you to always have it at hand, without sacrificing quality.

Forget the weight of the bottles but also the annoying impurities that are often perceived in mains water, we have studied our products knowing that the water does not need anything else to be good!

By choosing to treat water at the point of use, you will make a real green choice, preventing the dispersion of plastic bottles in the environment, as well as saving valuable space in your pantry.

SWAN bayonet filters

Our line of bayonet filters is entirely made in Italy with high quality materials.

The exclusive pre-coat technology guarantees superior water quality, filtering microparticles up to 0.5 micron.

Conforming to all national and European directives, Swan filters are 100% compatible with Everpure filter heads

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SWAN filters
Filtri caraffa SWAN

Swan jug filter cartridges

A quick solution to enjoy good water without impurities even if you don't have a filtration system or a water dispenser.

Our jug filter cartridges remove chlorine, flavors, odors and some heavy metals that may be found in tap water.

Maximum compatibility with Brita ™, Laica Bi-Flux™ and many other jugs

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SWAN for your sparkling water

To all those who do not want to give up bubbles, we offer our Swan CO2 cylinders for food use, both refillable and disposable.

Our cylinders are compatible with all models of sparkling water maker and sparkling water dispensers, as well as meeting all the quality requirements necessary to protect the safety of those who want excellent sparkling water

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SWAN filters

Take care of your water

Filters and cylinders but not only: you can find many other SWAN branded products for your mains water!

In fact, Swan offers other products such as in-line filters for reverse osmosis systems, carbon blocks and sediment filters, fridge filters compatible with Samsung and Panasonic refrigerators.

SWAN products